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Cessna Pilots Society, Inc. (CPS) is a member organization dedicated to member needs.

CPS was established July 10th, 2006 by a group of Cessna owners, pilots, mechanics and enthusiasts to talk, discuss and organize events focusing on Cessna aircraft.

The forums were set up first and now have over 3,000 active participants and is growing daily. CPS is friendly association of Cessna enthusiasts and an excellent resource on the internet for technical and pilot information.

If you would like a place to talk with other people about Cessna aircraft or simply have a problem you are trying to track down on a Cessna, come and join in the camaraderie. The forums are very active and are a great resource.


Cessna Pilots Society, Inc. Forum Board of Directors

Forum Board Members

Jeff Chipetine

(term exp 5/2017)

Lisa Frankewich

(term exp 5/2018)

Pedro Giralt

(term exp 5/2018)

Mike Jesch

(term exp 5/2018)


Tom Mallon

(term exp 5/2018)

Steve Snyder

(term exp 5/2017)

Don Tedrow

(term exp 5/2017)



Forum Board of Directors

The Forum Board Members will render decisions on areas such as which posts should be removed/edited/deleted etc. if that needs to happen (hopefully it will not). The board will also help to define the direction of the group.

The Forum Board is composed of 7 Board Members. The term of office for each position is 2 years and the terms will expire at staggered 2 year intervals.   For example in 2010 members elected Board Positions 1,2,3 (3 positions) and the following year, 2011, members elected Board Positions 4,5,6,7.  (4 positions) Thereafter,  positions will be revoted/elected every 2 years.  There will always be 3 or 4 Board Positions elected every year this will establish a staggered 2-year expiration for the positions. Seats that become open as a result of resignation shall be filled by one of two methods selected by the Forum Board: 1) The next in line candidate receiving the most member votes during the most recent election, should there have been more candidates than available seats; 2) A special election by the membership.


Cessna Pilot Society Board Election Process


Cessna Pilot Society (CPS) opened a nominations thread on the CPS forum for the "Director of the Board." The nominations were "validated" by at least 3 CPS members - meaning two other CPS members posted agreement.  By unanimous decision, Fred Johnson will serve as Director, CPS.

We opened a nominations thread on the CPS forum for the Board Positions on Saturday ,August 12th 2006. We closed the nominations for the board on Thursday, August 17th 2006 and voting occurred on Friday, August 18th 2006.  CPS members voted for 6 out of the pool of 17 nominated members - the 6 CPS members with the highest votes were elected.  Board member positions (the 1 vs 2 year positions) were filled based on vote count - the members with the highest number of votes filled positions 1 through 3.

The Director and Board Positions 1-3 will serve 2 years.  Positions 4-6 will be opened for election after 1 year.


In March of 2007 3 members of the board left for various reasons. The three remaining board members were moved into the first three positions and positions 4,5 & 6 were revoted.

In September 2007: Due to a resignation there was an open board position. Four candidates were nominated and seconded. The membership voted and the winner is filling the prior unexpired position with term ending 9/2008.


Elections were held in May 2009. The director position was converted to a board position for a total of 7 positions. Positions 1,2,3,4 went to the highest number of votes. A slate of 12 names stood for election. Since all terms had expired and there were open positions on the board this election was for a total of 7 positions. The election was successful filling  4 slots with a 2-year term and 3 with a one year term.

2009, July

After the loss of our good friend and Board Member, Chuck Potts, the membership was asked to vote on filling the open board position with the candidate having the next highest votes from the May election. A majority of the members voting (86%) agreed to adopt this policy. The member filling that position will complete the initial term and stand for election at the end of the original one year term. 

2010, May

The one-year terms of three board members were up for renewal for two year terms. All three ran unopposed and were seated with term dates of May 2012. 

2011, May

The two-year terms of four board members were up for renewal. Two incumbents ran for re-election and two chose not to run. From a roster of six candidates four were seated with term expiration dates of May 2013. 

2012, May

The two-year terms of three board members were up for renewal. From a roster of seven candidates three were seated with term expiration dates of May 2014. 

2013, May

The two-year terms of four board members were up for renewal. From a roster of six candidates four were seated with term expiration dates of May 2015. 

2014, May

Three two-year terms were up for renewal and one additional seat was vacant. Two candidates ran for re-election and two new candidates ran. The slate was elected and terms for all four positions will run until 2016.

2014, August

A Board Member resigned and by aclimation and agreement a new member stepped up to fill the remainder of the term that runs until May, 2015

2015, May

Three two-year terms were up for renewal. Two candidates ran for re-election and one declined to run again. A single new candidate was nominated, accepted the nomination and was seconded. By aclimation a single vote was cast and the slate was elected.

2016, May

Four two-year terms were up for renewal. A Forum Board member resigned one year into a two year term. One current member ran for re-election. There were five seats and five candidates. The slate of candidates was elected by acclimation. 



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